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The perfect plants for your Terrarium

Sealed Terrariums create a humid self contained environment which lots of tropical houseplants love. Here’s a quick guide to some of the best plants you can put inside! Fittonia Fittonias, or nerve plants as their commonly called, are great ground cover plants to put in terrariums. For many, they’re the go to starting point and for good reason! In the wild, they grow on rainforest floors where the atmosphere is really humid, so they’re perfect to seal up. They tend to stay quite low to the ground in little clumps but they can gradually branch upwards. They’re usually pink, green or red in colour. Fittonia or Nerve Plant and Ficus pumila Commonly known as Creeping Fig, Ficus pumila is another

Terrarium Care

One of the best things about terrariums is how easy they are to take care of. Once the hard work of putting all your plants together is done, your terrarium will slowly start to become self sustainable in the sealed mini eco-system that you’ve put together! Here’s a few helpful tips on watering, light levels and general maintenance to help you look after your new terrarium and to make the plants inside it thrive. A healthy, newly sealed terrarium Tropical plants always work best inside of a terrarium, because they love the humidity the terrarium will generate. Lots of the popular plants commonly used in terrariums like Fittonias, Hypoestes and Ferns need a healthy amount of moisture to help

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