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Re-potting Houseplants

Spring has sprung. While familiar cherry blossom blooms, more and more greenery pokes out into longer, brighter days. The botanical world outside is waking up once again and so are your houseplants indoors! The start of spring is a brilliant time to re-pot your houseplants. During late autumn and winter, plants go into a part of their yearly cycle called 'dormancy', this is when growth starts to slow down and plants don't like being watered and fed as much. You wont necessarily need to re-pot everything right away, but there's definitely some things to look out for this time of year. Telling signs include excess roots creeping out of drainage holes underneath pots. This means the plant

How to get your plants to like you - General houseplant advice

Plant-care can be intimidating sometimes. Some of us have branded ourselves 'plant murderers', 'foliage foilers' or the best one I've ever heard, 'botanical butchers' but don't worry... I've got a few tips and tricks to share with you to keep your plants chirpy and how to get them on your side. I know you'll make a great team. Pic from u/mildlyoverconfident on Reddit I'd also like to let you know that there are two types of houseplant in this world. (Well in this article anyway.) I'll be splitting them into leafy tropical plants, and cacti. Some people I meet at workshops worry that plants plain just don't like them, but this is rarely the case. Some plants can be divas, but they won't ever

Picky Plants #2 - Calatheas

Calatheas are gorgeous plants from the tropics of south America. There's are dozens of varieties, with an eclectic spectrum of colours, shapes and textures. One thing they all have in common is that they're a little fussy when it comes to watering. Calathea ornata is one of the most popular varieties. In the wild, calatheas live in humid warm rainforests, and creep up to around a metre tall, under the thick canopy above. This means that in the house, they will need to enjoy a consistent level of moisture, but like a lot of leafy houseplants they won't like full sun. Calatheas like bright but in-direct light to light shade. Too much sun can scorch the leaves, however too little will leave

Picky Plants #1 - Alocasias (Elephant ear plants)

Alocasias are stunning plants, native to east Asia. There are a plethora of varieties and a chock load of hybrids in-between, all with varying quirks and characteristics in their size and colour palettes. A common shared trait of the seventy odd different varieties, is that their leaves look a bit like an elephants ear. Pic from u/astraelly on The unusual and distinctive charm of these plants, is owed to the subtly unique environments they naturally inhabit. Alocasias are picky. They like things to be just right, and can be fairly demanding when it comes to houseplant care. Too much water, will lead to a quick demise and not enough will make the delicate stems too frail to s

DIY Corked Jar Terrarium Kit - Online class

Thank you for purchasing your 'DIY Corked Jar Terrarium' kit. If you haven't already purchased one, these are available here. Your kit includes everything you need to create your own self-watering garden in a glass jar! Including a jar, plants and tools. Our plant expert Lonnie has condensed our terrarium workshop down to an easy to follow 10 minute video below. If you have any questions while making your terrarium, please do feel free to ask us as you go through our instagram @jarandfern. Read more baout how to care for your new terrarium here.

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