Succulent Terrarium Globe Kit

Hanging Globe

Demi John Terrarium

*London only

Beautiful succulents ready to be easily arranged in unique hanging globes. Our kit includes:


- 10cm diameter terrarium globe 
- A succulent plant
- Pebbles
- Indoor plant soil 
- Brown string 

- Assembly and care guide

£11.99 + £3.35 shipping in UK

Beautiful with a candle inside or filled with your favourite pebbles and plants, alone or hanging in groups (see our other listings for inspiration!). 

We include a length of rustic string for you to hang your globe (they can also be placed on any flat surface). Our globes are carefully packaged and delivered by courier. 

£6.99 + £2.75 shipping in UK

These are great as desk plants and  thrive in areas with indirect sunlight. The unique self watering eco system means you don't need to water! Our Demi Johns are vintage wine bottles filled with a range of Fittonia, Ivy and Ferns. We create these to order so we can add a specific colour scheme or combination. We include a care guide with your order.

£50.00 + £6 delivery in London / Collection Free

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