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Wreath workshops at Form SE15, Peckham

We have just listed a fetive wreath making workshop at Form SE15, a lovely lifestyle store on Bellenden Road. We will be using copper wreaths, filled with fresh carpet moss which makes a vibrant, gorgeous environmentally friendly backing to your wreath. The event is on 12th December, starting at 7pm and tickets can be found here.

Jar and Fern wreath

Jo from Form did a lovely write up of last year's event on her site that you can see here, or copied below.

Wreath making workshop with Jar & Fern

There’s nothing quite like getting the dirt under your fingernails making Christmas wreaths to get you in a festive mood. So in the second week of December, we hosted a workshop with local plant and flower specialists Jar & Fern to find out exactly what goes into making a really beautiful arrangement. It turns out, quite a lot!

With the centre of our store turned into a mound of foliage, berries and twigs, Mads from Jar & Fern guided our sold our workshop attendees through the enjoyable and sometimes tricky process of binding the first wires onto our circular base. Once these are in place, we then decided on the look we wanted to create. I went for something very wild and natural, eschewing the very festive glittery twigs in front of is. There was a huge wealth of berries, twigs and leaves to choose from.

festive wreath workshop

Careful winding small bunches onto the base and securing with green wires, it was easy to build up lush and abundant sections and create an overall look that was incredibly festive. I realised towards the end of the workshop that a fluted sleeve sweater was NOT the best choice for foliage but with a beautiful wreath that has hung on my door for the past few weeks, the sacrifice was worth it.

wreath workshop

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