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Easter Terrarium Workshop at Mercato Metropolitano London

Here at Jar and Fern we are feeling so springy. The last weekend’s warm weather, blossom and the first leaves showing has really lifted our mood! Easter is just around the corner and that means eggs, spending time with family and new shoots. Everything is starting to grow and it’s the perfect time to grow your own skills.

We have a special Easter Workshop at Mercato Metropolitano coming up on the 15th of April in their lovely cookery school. Come along and learn how to build your own self-watering eco-system. We will supply you with all the tools and plants you need to make a little garden in a jar to take home. Afterwards you can wander round the market and check out the delicious food and drink stalls.

Terrariums provide the perfect environment to grow tropical plants like Fittonia and Ferns. The conditions inside the terrarium help the plants to flourish and mean that you can bring a bit of the outdoors in. As it is a special Easter workshop we have some little extras to add into your terrarium.

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