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The right glassware for homemade plant arrangements

It's really nice to make arrangements at home with old bits and pieces of glassware lying around at home. Old kilner jars, corked vessels or dishes can be given a new lease in life with a splash of greenery. An old demijohn that was used years ago for home brewing, or even an old decanter, can be transformed into a terrarium.

With this in mind, it's useful to know a few tips regarding what can be used most efficiently for specific plants. For instance, if you wanted to make a nice succulent arrangement, something like a demijohn or a kilner jar wouldn't be your best bet. Arid loving cacti and succulents will be much happier in an open glass vessel where they can get plenty of air. Perhaps a big fruit bowl, or if you were feeling really ambitious, an old sink!

Lush, tropical plants such as fittonia or calathea wouldn't complain about being in your old kilners, jars or bottles however. The only thing you'd need to check is that the vessel is not air tight. An old jam jar could work in theory, but you'd have to make sure you don't use the original lid. With a kilner jar, you'd need to be sure you take out the air tight seal. Even though we put tropical, humidity loving plants in a 'sealed' environment, the cork lids, or lack of rubber, air tight seals, will still allow a good amount of air to get inside the vessel and keep the plants happy.


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