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Pumpkin Soup Recipe

Leftover pumpkin

1 sweet potato

1 carrot

1 onion

2 cloves garlic

1 apple

1 tbsp olive oil

700ml Chicken or vegetable stock, made with boiling water (either fresh or made with a cube)

Sprinkle chilli flakes or powdered chilli to taste

Teaspoon salt

Dash of cream or Greek yoghurt optional

A large saucepan

Hand blender or potato masher

**Makes two portions**

  1. Chop all vegetables and fruit up into small cubes and add to a warm saucepan with the olive oil.

  2. Cook off the vegetables until they start to sweat down.

  3. Add two thirds of the stock and bring the mix to the boil.

  4. Add the chilli and salt

  5. Once boiling turn it down to a low simmer, add more stock to cover the vegetables.

  6. Simmer until vegetables are very soft.

  7. Blend the soup until it is smooth, if you don't have a blender you can leave it chunky or mash with a potato masher.

  8. Add a dash of cream or yoghurt to serve if desired and sprinkle a few chilli flakes on top.


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